• May 29, 2024


No green thumb? Or little time to slave away in the garden? Then a maintenance-free garden is an ideal picture. And you do not have to think of an atmospheric whole. Enjoying a nice (and even green) garden? But not too much work? Four steps to a maintenance-free garden.

No bare soil
A maintenance-free garden does not mean that you have to leave the ground completely bare. Bare ground is often asking for trouble. If no plants are planted, then nature can take its free course.

Therefore, in many maintenance-free gardens, there is no bare soil to be found. Choose tiles in combination with a border to still add a little planting in the garden. Cover the soil with mulch and fill the border with ground covers that last longer than a year. Choose plants that don’t proliferate too much. This will prevent weeds from growing in the long term and that means less maintenance!

Avoid too many joints
Prefer large tiles to small tiles in a maintenance-free garden. Small tiles only create more joints. And with that, only more opportunities for weeds to grow. Regularly picking weeds doesn’t sound like a maintenance-free chore. So, large tiles!

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