• July 14, 2024


Quietly rocking back and forth with a good book, a cold lemonade or just dozing off. A hammock is the most relaxing place for your well-deserved me time in the garden. Below are the best me time spots for the hammock.

Sunrise or sunset?
Before you find the perfect place to hang your hammock, it’s important to take into account the position of the sun. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun every morning? Then hang it facing east. Prefer to watch the sunset from the hammock? Then hang it on the west.

Between the trees
Two sturdy trees in the garden with just enough distance between them? Lucky you. It’s the most fairytale-like place for a hammock. In the summer, the trees provide cooling and that’s quite nice when it’s so hot. Make sure the trees are thick enough and use a sturdy rope to hang the hammock. Tie the rope above a branch so the hammock cannot drop down.

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